Honey not flowing out of Flow Frame

So, I am currently harvesting 4 of the 6 flow frames in my honey super. In 1 or 2 of the frames, very little honey is coming out although I took the frames out and checked they were full and 100% capped before harvesting. Wondering why the honey is not flowing out of the frame ???

Hi Emma,

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having - we would love to help you solve this :slight_smile:

Could you please email info@honeyflow.com so we can troubleshoot the issue with you?

Any photos or additional information you might have will be very useful :slight_smile:

how long has the super been on the bees? Over winter? If so my guess is the honey has candied in the frames. Best to take out a frame and have a look. Dig into a cell to see if the honey has candied. A friend has a hive in Sydney and this has just happened to her. If it is what has happened you will want to deal with it- as if there are crystals left in the cells- future honey deposits will candy faster. You could also look at the honey you did get otu to see if there are any crystals in it.

This is deja vu. The honey could be jellybush honey or it may have crystallized. I know @Rodderick gets jellybush honey somewhere in Sydney.


Hey, ah Yes… depending on where you are located in Sydney. Far northern suburbs get Jellybush every few years… for me, that was last year and I have a couple of hundred kilo’s of it. My Flow hive didn’t have an issue as it is in a location closer to the CBD, my Hawkesbury area hives were not so lucky. It couldn’t be spun out and all the comb had to be cut from the frames and put through the honey press… it was a very big job.


I only had Langstroth hives, it was well pre Flow Hives, when I was living at Richmond and Jelly bush Honey was a big issue even then as it wouldn’t spin out in an extractor, and it certainly won’t drain from a Flow hive. up here on the Sunshine Coast in Qld regardless of the claims. Just from interest where are your hives in the Hawkesbury @Rodderick

Hi Peter, I have access to a secluded area of Yellow Bloodwood forest amongst other things up near Marayla. Its beetle heaven but can really turn on the flow at certain times of the year.

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