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Super spiders 🧐🕷️⚒️

Hey, had a look around and couldn’t find anything on the subject. We’ve found a spider or two (not little incy wincy’s but big Victorian nasties!) in our flow hive super in the last couple of inspections. Offending arachnids removed each time. They keep coming back. Concerned because the bees don’t seem to be using the super. They should be as they’ve had a really nice winter, building up a lot of stores and they’re busy working now that spring has arrived. Are they scared of spiders too?!

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I wouldn’t think a healthy strong hive would be overwhelmed by a few spiders. The bees will make their way up the super in time. Spring has only just started.

I have a spider that lives in the gabled roof. Snacks on the odd bee. I like to think they work in harmony…

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