SW Virginia Bee Keepers

I thought I would start this to have a place for Bee Keepers in SW Virginia to communicate with.

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Hi Wade: You build it and they will come :smile: It takes people awhile to sort through all the topics. I am in NC but just wanted to say hi.

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What part of NC are you from? I got some bees this spring from Kernersville.

I live just south of Charlotte.

Hi Wade - I’m not in SouthWest Virginia, but I am in Central Virginia. I’m located mid-way between Richmond and Charlottesville. Where are you located?

I am in Botetourt county. not too far away from you.

I have hives outside of Farmville and in the Hampton Roads area. I’m part of the Colonial Beekeepers Association.

Hi Wade! Smith Mountain Lake is not really SW VA, but we’re close.
I’m just getting started. Any tips for a newbie?

Hello, Old Dominion! Planning to start 2 hives late April in Nelson County about 30 minutes south of C’ville. Used to live in Poquoson, Daniel, and attended a couple of meetings of the Colonial Beekeepers – but I was still working then, and never was able to get going.
Guess I’m closest to Eurydc, but I understand there are 1 or 2 Flow beeks in C’ville as well.
Have you found that the honey flow was early this spring? I’m worried I will miss too much, but my nucs won’t be available till almost May 1.

I’m in FarmVille do you have any nucs for sale

I am in Chirstiansburg and just starting out. I had a few questions about the permit we have to fill out for the town. Any suggestions that uses the dimension of a flow hive would be great.

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

It depends on which Flow hive you bought, but the 2 sizes are both based on standard Langstroth hives. The one with 6 Flow frames (and 8 brood frames) is the same size as an 8 frame Langstroth. The one with 7 Flow frames (and 10 brood frames) is the same size as a 10 frame Langstroth hive. Those are very common hives in the US, probably the most common type of hive used by US beekeepers.

I am not in your state, but if you can give us a link or a photo/scan/copy of the application, we can probably help you a bit more with the form. :wink:

Dawn, I am in the process of ordering the hive and I am looking at either the flow hive 2 or the flow hive classic. I can’t attach the permit form (PDF) but below is the information that I am having issues with. Any suggestions or help would be great. Thank you so much!

For beehive stands:
Total height above grade:
Beehive stands (measurements):
Area (sq. ft):
Supports: Number, Size, and Material

I found the link to the form online:

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I just looked at the online form, and it seems that they are only interested in the beehive stand, not the hive itself. The Flow hive 2 has a very short set of leg available, but you are going to want something taller. The reason is that raccoons, skunks and opossums like eating bees on the landing board of the hive. If you raise the landing board to about 14-16" above ground level, then the soft belly fur of the critters is exposed to guard bee stings, and they are more likely to leave your bees alone.

Flow does not sell hive stands, and there is no standard, so your answers to their questions will depend on what stand you choose. I have used cinder blocks (painted to make them prettier) and a nice rustic wood stand. I will attach some photos so that you can see. There are also a wide variety of bee hive stands for sale from different beekeeping supply stores. Or you could make your own.

This is my favorite stand, but they only do pickup now. I was lucky, they shipped it to me:

Here is my hive on cinder blocks:

Here is one of the other popular stands, but it is really a bit too short for my preference:

I would fill in the form for you, if I could. But as you can see, it is going to depend on what you choose.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for all of this information. I do like what you did with your cinder blocks. What a great idea! Okay, I will figure out what I am going to do but all very helpful. I will let you know what I decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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