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Swarm cells or just big?

I am a newer beekeeper, I have noticed these cells several times while l inspecting my hive. They aren’t giant cups but they do protrude a bit and I am wondering if there is an issue with the hive or it is just some natural variation. For contacts, it is midsummer in Northeast Ohio where we are and I have two fairly full brood boxes below my flow super. Thanks!!

Drone brood! Normal! :honeybee::honeybee:

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Definitely as @chau06 said “Drone brood!”. It’s important to recognize the difference between worker & drone brood. If you google queen cells, then click on images, you’ll then see the difference between work, drone & queen cells.

You can eliminate a lot of drone brood by using foundation instead of foundationless frames. It’s favorable to eliminate a lot of drone brood, especially if hive beetles are in the area. A bonus in doing so is a stronger workforce.

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