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Swarm in Bird Box Relocated

Hi all a few months ago 1 of our hives swarmed 2 days before we were to do a split.
We ran into lot of wet weather so could not retrieve the swarm that was 5 metres up a tree in a large bird box.
We have caught a couple of swarms before but usually a day or 2 later, this was 4 to 5 weeks later.
Some of the tips shared by many of you made this turn into a most enjoyable exercise.
Key things.
Take your time, leave the new brood box very close, have rubber bands on the frames already to support the comb. Use a piece of corflute behind the frames to hold the comb while sliding the rubber bands over the retrieved comb. I used one nice straight sticky in the middle of the brood box to help guide them.
See some pics of before and a couple of weeks after relocating them. I can’t believe how great the once jumbled mess of comb now looks.
So thanks everyone.