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Swarm up for grabs - Lilyfield NSW 2040

Not sure if it came from my hive, but there is a swarm on the tree out the back if anyone wants to come and get it.

Ph: 0411 345 986 for directions

Hi Ethan,
If you don’t have any luck from this forum, can I suggest you call it in with the Sydney Bee Club or www.swarmpatrol.com

Thanks, Rod. I posted it on swarm patrol and contacted 2 people from the bee club, but no response. I think the swarm departed shortly after anyway. Good luck finding a new home team!

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I see you have one hive. The overwhelming consensus on the forum suggests that we’re better off with more than one hive. With that in mind, I’d suggest taking steps to acquire a second brood box, (not necessarily from flow) in order to catch the next swarm you encounter.

You never know, the swarm you/we give away could end up growing into a super colony.