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SweetHives FLOW Knockoff


Just a heads up to the Flow Folks… another knockoff just arrived on the scene. They have a promo video that uses footage from one of my videos (with an image of my Flow Hive with the logo airbrushed out!) and probably several clips of other Flow Hive owners.

Here’s their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVbPha60HFw

Website: https://sweethives.com/

Feel free to delete this post if you don’t want traffic headed their way. I just want others to be aware that they stole a lot of footage in their video that wasn’t theirs (not to mention the entire Flow Hive concept, of course.)



I hadn’t picked up it was a knock off. I’d seen the video in a FB discussion and moved on quickly. We’ll done identifying and asking for your rights to be protected as well as Flows.



Time for @Faroe to unleash the Dogs of War! :star_struck:

What a cheek that they stole your video and misrepresented you @VinoFarm. I wonder if you could complain to YouTube?


:rage: I wrote a paper for one of my Cybersecurity Masters classes on this. The Chinese government doesn’t care if their citizens rip off other peoples intellectual property. Their only concern is increasing their GDP. With the advances in 3D printing it doesn’t take much effort to copy something and then reproduce it. As customers of Flow Hive the best we can do is to get the word out that these are knockoff’s and the lawyers will end up doing the rest.

I saw that Jim @VinoFarm has replied to the video. I have as well. I would report them. I doubt very much that you are the only one who had pieces of their videos cut out to make that one!

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Many parts of that video I saw before. Some maybe even from flow, and thought I recognized some bee close ups from Cedar’s sister. Even the music ticks along in the same feel.
Glad it’s not my decision to fight the crap or just keep going with a good thing.
I believe if you got a trademark, legally you have to defend it. No idea how that can be achieved on a global scale.
For me, simple: Any copies are just unethical. Big reason for me to boycott and say so.
Don’t tell me they work just as well. They ain’t in a spirit way ever.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for letting us know.

How did you find your video under their name? They are so cheeky. Even with your dog in the video :open_mouth:
It’s a real shame people steal other people videos and inventions and claim them as their own.

I’ll let the legal team know about it.


Thanks @Dawn_SD I’m not sure if I am taking your post as a good or a bad thing :wink:

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They have a video ad on Instagram. Someone noticed me in the video and told me about it. When you click on the Instagram ad, it goes to their web site. The video is embedded on this page: https://sweethives.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-honey-flow-hive
It’s possible to click through that video to their Youtube page to see the “unlisted” video on Youtube.

It’s all so sneaky!

And I just noticed that after the clip of me, they inserted a clip of your Indiegogo campaign as if it was theirs. Wow.

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It is a very good thing, @Faroe. I love the way that you protect and support those of us who are loyal to Flow products. :heart_eyes:

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Hmmm, unlisted. Yes, it’s all so sneaky :frowning:

Yeah, they are really trying to sell it as their own. Unfortunately there will be unsuspecting people making purchases thinking it’s a real Flow Hive.

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Copying they say is the highest form of flattery but we all know that it is costly to register your IP in Australia or the world… The best way to combat fraud is to “call them out”. together with “If we don’t buy it they won’t supply it” Stay true xoxxo

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Great catch Jim! I love watching your videos, @VinoFarm is one of my favorite channels! Shouldn’t you be updating us on your attempts to catch a swarm about now!

Glad to see how well your hives are doing in your latest update!


Glad to see you on the forum! I hope this season you put your flow super to use. :smiley: