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Sydney Bee Club - NSW Amateur Beekeepers Association, Australia


Apiary visit today in Randwick went very well. There is a Flow Hive with an ideal on top of it. Also, a Warre Hive.

Olivier, the Association’s beekeeper for this location was hoping to extract from the Flow frames today, but there were only about 10% full.


Photo credit - Naila Even (President Sydney Bee Club)


Thanks for the photos :slight_smile: Great to see some Club photos!

I wonder if there would have been more honey in the Flow Frames if there wasn’t another Super on top? Was the ideal full? Do you know why they put the Ideal Super on top of the Flow Super?


I believe that in previous years, there had been enough of a flow to have both full by now. But this wasn’t the case.


Oh okay. Probably due to the lack of rain I guess, and therefore flowers. Good to hear previous years have been successful though. Maybe after this bit of rain, there will be some more flowers popping up around the place.