Sydney - Dural Area

Checked 3 of our hives today (started late last year from splits).

Looks like bee numbers have dropped off on 3 all hives (only 3-4 frames of bees). I was able to find queens in each hive - however, there were NO stores and NO brood in any of them. Lots of very hungry bees,

I have added a pollen paddy to each and the top feeder and the bees have gone crazy for it.

I was able to take some honey (3 liters) from the flow hive early in the season but that has been it. The other langstroth hives have stuggled.

Just wondering how other bee keepers have gone this season in the area.

Seems to have been a real struggle this year.

Have you checked for mites at all this year?

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Yes no mites here but we are now about 6km from the Red zone after someone illegally moved hives that later were found with mite