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Symmetry of flow hive cell


After turning the key to set my flow frames in closed position to allow bees to use for honey, it makes a nice natural cell shape. However, I notice that one side of the cell protrude further out than the other side of the cell. It seems the bees have a bit of trouble crawling around on the frame. Is this as it should be, or does each side of the cell supposed to be equal?


That sounds normal. But you can take a photo and post it here if you want to be sure. :wink:


Yep, that is correct. As long as all the cells line up to be hexagonal shapes. One side of the cell is longer than the other side, this is to help with the wax capping remaining intact when harvesting honey.


like they said- its correct - the bees will build out the shorter side until they are all even- and will even extend the edges of the cells well out beyond the plastic. Once they have done this it’s hard to tell a flow frame from a regular frame- this is how flow frames look in my hive at the moment- one sides fully capped the other nearly ready for capping:


Thank you very much for your guidance


Thank you very much for your guidance.