Uneven Cells off Flow Frames

When recently looking closely through the inspection window at my flow frame, I noted that half of the visible frame had an uneven surface. The bees were crawling across the entire frame but have not deposited honey in that frame at all. The uneven surfac area is on the opposite end to the bee’s entrance and has the appearance of the cells not being fully aligned (ie one half do the cell being raised). Has anyone else noted this on their flow frames?
Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to assist.

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Hiya Behappy,
The surfaces are uneven however we really need a photo to make a call on it as to whether there is an issue.

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Some people have described this, and I have seen it in my own Flow frames when I inspected them after shipping. I would suggest that you put the Flow key into the upper slot. Position it in the left, center and right of the slot and turn it in each location. That should make sure that all cells are now closed. You can do it even with the box on the hive, it shouldn’t break any of the sealed cells.

Next time, inspect carefully before you put the frames on the hive, but you know that now! :blush:

Thanks Skeggley, Cowgirl and Dawn for your replies.
Will try Dawn’s trick and see how I go.
Every time I ask a question of other beekeepers, I’m thrilled by the generosity of the group. New keepers learn so much from you guys!
Thanks again and good luck.