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Flow frame vertical cell alignments


So I have had my flow box on for a month and nothing they have yellow stuff that is dusty around on them but in watching some videos online I think I got jacked up frames. I understand there are some gabs and the bees will use some wax and fill in the gaps so the cells will hold honey but my frames are off completely. There are these vertical peaces that fit together first one is indented then the second one comes out at least 1/4" then the 3rd is indented come out the same as the first then the 4th comes out like the 2nd alternating down the whole frame so the surface of the frame is not smooth between the two cells that come together that is why I don’t think my bees are doing anything. Is this the way these frames are suppose to be or are they suppose to be a nice smooth surface over the cells?



That’s the way it should be. Mine are like this too.

It took the bees some time to fill up the gaps with wax

They’re still not done with ALL frames. The other hive swarmed and might be queenless right now, I’m going to check it next week or so. That hive doesn’t fill their frames, too. The hive must be strong and there must be a good nectar flow


The unevenness of the surface is by design. It causes the ones the move to have a bit of a wax wall on them that breaks easily thus allowing the surface caps to stay intact during harvest, thus minimizing spills.


Ok ty it is hard to tell in some of the videos and was thinking this could be issue thanks again.


How strong is your colony?
Have they got capped stores in the brood box?