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Tapatalk forum application


I have Tapatalk on my phone which allows me to follow certain forums, it is a really great tool, is it possible to be able to get this forum linked in?


I have asked the software developers about an iphone app but it doesn’t look like it is on the cards any time soon.

This forum is optimised for mobile devices so from my experience everything plays quite nicely on the phone. If you are a regular forum user you could create a link on you home screen so one click and you open the forum in your browser. The other method could be to download another browser that you don’t regularly use and set that up with this forum as your default start up address. That way you aren’t always opening new tabs in your regular browser.

@codinghorror @Sam_Saffron are some of the developers and may offer some info if there is an app on the cards.


Hi Jake,
I just got back from being away, thanks for your reply, I have looked into it a little bit more, apparently it is free to put a forum on Tapatalk, more information here :slight_smile:https://siteowners.tapatalk.com/



As far as I am aware no one has added it to tapatalk and it sounds like it isn’t super easy with this forum software.
I have been in touch with the developers and looked through their forums, there are people discussing developing an iPhone app but nothing that is coming imminently. I’ll let everyone know if something comes.

In the mean time I have been impressed with how it plays on the iphone, you can take or select images from within the forum on your browser.


Thanks for looking into it, i’ll look forward to the app when it comes.