I released iPhone app for beekeepers!

Hi, I am Yuichi, a beekeeper from Japan, and I live in San Francisco now.

I released an iPhone app for beekeepers. It is social networking app for beekeeper and allows you to communicate with beekeepers all over the world.

It would be great if you could install this app and try it. You can log in by using your email or Facebook Account.

You may wonder why I developed this app. I am working for a technology company as a Engineer, so I can develop apps by myself.
My parents keep bees in Japan and I had kept them too in Japan.

This app is completely free and there are no ad. I would like many people to enjoy beekeeping more.
If many people like it, I would like to develop Android version.

And eventually, I wanna make internet connected device which is attached to hive.
It will send many data(temprature Humidity etc) to this app and help you to keep bees well.

You can download this app on App store.

App Store (Free download)

If would be great if you could introducde this app and share this app with your friends.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

best regards

Ours is called Facebook

Be cautious ! This app could be be safe n okay. Our News service had a special on Bad Apps that are really invasion apps or malware. Some of the flashlight n other popular apps are suspect … Thus be cautious !!!

hahaha, this app is not malware.

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No problem bro. I know there are a lot of awesome Apps but we were warned. So just passing on the buyer be warned adage ! Yours sounds like an amazing one. Thanks for the reply n note … Take care … Gerald

I, too, am an app developer for OS X (Mac) and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

It is almost impossible for a Mac or iOS app to contain malware. Apple has an extremely stringent review policy (some say overly-stringent) of apps before they can be released on the app store. Further, the way iOS and OS X is structured, every app is “sandboxed” meaning it only has access to its own bits of the operating system and cannot infect other parts of the hard drive or other apps. Downloading an official Mac App Store or iOS App Store app is extremely safe.

(The Android environment, however, is completely unregulated. Download at your own risk.)

I am happily checking out this app, as a newb and a fellow developer.

Thank you for comment!
It has features optimized for beekeepers. You can make note for each hives and find beekeepers around you.
Please let me know if you have any feedbacks!

Thank you for your support!
I am very glad to meet a developer who keep bees! I am originally Android Engineer, so I have plan to make Android one.

keep in touch!

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It good to hear Mac is safe ! In this day n age we all have to be careful n cautious. I am just a semi-retired technian on heating equipment so have to rely on others knowledge. Thanks for explains the difference. Gerald

I am sorry that I worried you about this app. This is an just hobby project and I have spent some money to hire a support engineer. I am glad if many people would use this app.
I would like to make beekeeping better by using my skills.

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This app is purely to show what hive diseases and pests are there - ie for identification

For those not having seen actual disease, or what to look for this app purely shows what to look for - just a visual aid but very useful.

Our apiary is in process of sorting a day with actual diseased frames to look at, should be interesting

Ermmm, wrong app Valli! :blush: Yuichi’s app is a social networking app, not bee diseases…

:smile: :heart_eyes:

My app allows you to save note of each hives and share them with beekeepers all over the world.
I would like to add some features which are useful for beekeepers. Diseases are very important problems, but my app have not had feature for managing or reporting them. thank you for your feedback!

The NBU runs these free for local BKAs and jolly useful they are.
The live frames are a bit manky and the first time I attended one they all looked the same. I’m getting better and will be at number 5 soon. I had the SBI at my hives three years ago and in ten frames of 14x12 brood he found 1 dead deformed larva, wonderful skill.
I had been looking for a new unmarked queen to no avail for the previous 2 inspections. He found her straight away :slight_smile:

@Dee yes I think they are running it at Stoneleigh but that is part of our region.
I was surprised they are bringing in AFB and EFB ?? and we can have a poke about and smell them as well.

details are not fixed yet it is still being organised - when I find out I will post

Why surprised?
It’s the best way to learn and they supply you with plastic pinnies and gloves

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Sounds SO sexy! :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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