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Tee Shirt or Hoodies to order


I have put as small slection of Tee Shirts and Hoodie for beekeeing on TeeSpring


Cool. I just bought a hoodie. Although I don’t partake in the habit Washington State legalized recreational marajuana a while back so the hoodie will be fun to wear around town.


Is there a typo? ‘the coolest way get a buzz’, is that meant to be ‘the coolest way to get a buzz’?


Yea, I can see how you could read it either way. Beekeeping, The Coolest Way, Get a Buzz or Beekeeping, The coolest way to get a buzz. :sunglasses:


What does ‘the coolest way’ mean out of context?

You’re beekeeping in ‘the coolest way’? I seriously don’t follow.


I agree, for Aussie English to sound right it should be “to get a buzz”.


Where is Valli? Miss her contributions.


Hi, @Webclan Winter is not kind to me I tend to lock myself away.
I have been doing some designing and drawing.
I have redesigned my Honey Label as well

https://teespring.com/stores/queenbeeschoice - I am Adding to my list so keep looking


Hope winter is soon over for you then and your bees will delight you as always. Your bee pics are very expressive, never saw them like that. :sunny:


@Webclan, I got sick of seeing cartoon bees so now I am making a portfolio of “realistic” Bees drawing from photos,Microscope image and anatomical drawings so they are more realistic and representative.

I need a graphic company to take my pictures for sale to make some pin money


New designs - If you want me to make specific designs or combinations please contact me - always willing to help


Love your bees. My head is empty of design ideas. You are right, there are only comic bees out there. I would like a template so I can spray paint or draw bees onto my boxes. Can you design that?
Well, would get a couple of singlets if you had them. Tshirts are too hot for here.


Contact me I will do what you want


Yes please, templates for spray painting or tracing. Can’t be easy to do?


And this one


Can you do
Sweet as
Similar to the scripted honey?
The difference is a bit stark.


The honey script was hand done - I can but it will take me an hour or so.

I’ll work on it


Awesome. An hour. Very productive while your bees are in winter mode.
No rush, but can’t wait what you come up with by tomorrow.