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Thanks for the Peaches Bees!

Harvested 30 pounds of peaches this week from my little 12 foot tree :slight_smile:
Canned some in sugar syrup, canned some whole with allspice and cinnamon, and pickled others in a sugar/ balsamic vinegar brine with fresh mint sprigs.
Oh and ate a bunch fresh, over vanilla ice cream.
All of this, thanks to my pollinators.


Oh, and tomorrow I’m taking a stab at peach preserves.

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WOWWW!!!, what a great harvest. One thing I can’t grow her in the sub-tropics is stone fruit.


Hmm- Nice Peaches! Peaches are my favourite. how sunny is it there just now @Bobby_Thanepohn ? I dry apricots and peaches in the sun on hot days here in Australia. Just cut them in half and lay them on a stone table I have in full sun. It can take a few days. Without citric acid or similar they go quite brown coloured but are still completely delicious.

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It is beginning to get quite hot here but the cycle of heat, then afternoon thunderstorms would prevent drying outdoors.
@JeffH I’d think peaches, apricots and nectarines would do great where you live.

We had a humongous Apricot tree down in Melbourne we we were kids, Figs, Lemons, Grapefruit, Passion fruit Plums, Rhubarb, - that was just our back yard; I miss \ll the fruit trees.

Now I have Raspberries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, locally there are Apples and Cherries

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Stoopid fruit fly…

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@Bobby_Thanepohn it’s nice to think there will be a certain ‘essence of the peach tree’ in your honey when you harvest it too. Double Bonus. You’ll have to eat some of your canned peaches with the flow honey.

In my yard I have oranges, tangerines, lemons, figs, peaches, walnuts, olives, grapes (+9 varieties!), bay tree, wild parsely and rocket, and persimmons. To my mind- as spectacular as mangoes are- as juicy sweet and tart as the best pineapple is- and all the wonders of other amazing fruits: the best fruit of all is a perfect fresh peach. The floury God-awful ones sold in supermarkets are often so bad as to give peaches a bad name- and some poor folks have never eaten a really good one at all…


The peach jam is done!


Hi @Bobby_Thanepohn, stone fruit is grown more around Stanthorpe, around 4 hours drive S.S.W. of me. It has a higher elevation. The fruit they grow well where I live are pineapples, bananas, passionfruit, lychees, strawberries. Mangoes grow here, but not commercially. Now recently, dragonfruit. Avocados grow well. Then there’s custard apple. I have some strawberries growing. I’m looking forward to some nice strawbs in the coming months, right up until Nov.

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It all sounds great @JeffH!
I enjoy mangoes and noticed a slippery similarity to them once I’d skinned the peaches.
I’m almost too far north for them here and at this elevation. This region is better suited for apples. Gonna have to look up custard apples.
Lychees are a favorite as well!

Custard apples have no similarities whatsoever to apples. I say that because I’m not sure how well known they are. I never buy them but we enjoy them if they are given to us. I look after bees for a lychee/passionfruit farmer. He also has a small section of custard apple trees & if I’m looking at the bees at the right time of year, he’ll generally give me a couple of seconds.