WA Beeks, anyone got a spare Flow Super?

Hello folks,
I’ve been gifted a set of Flow frames but need a Flow Top Box to suit a 10 frame Langstroth hive.
I’m in Esperance and the freight to get one from Flow is ridiculous so was hoping someone in the West could help me out.

I’ve got an 8f flow super (no frames) I need to off load. Hope you find the 10f you are looking for.


There are instructions on the Flow web site on modifying and Lang box to take the flow frames.


That’s what I would do. My first Flow box was my own that was modified.


Me too… it was easier than I thought… A jig-saw is all you need and a couple of knobs to use as handles.

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Sweet, thanks team. I’ll check out the Flow site and get stuck into it.

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Yep, I’ve just modified a hybrid to a full flow and it was a piece of cake. I used the supplied starter strips as the side shims. :wink:
The most critical cut is the top rest as the frames must sit flush at the top.