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The fun of beekeeping in Australia!


I found a ‘friend’ making a home in my bottom board the other day. I had seen a spider there for about a week, but it wasn’t until I pulled out the bottom board that I saw what type of spider it was!

For those that don’t know about Redback spiders, you can read all about them here:

Fatalities are rare, but it got two of my girls :frowning:


Phew! Lucky for you, you didn’t stick your fingers in that corner lifting boxes off… a not-so-pleasant surprise.


When I was little, I used to play with redback spiders and bullants with my brother :slight_smile: Good times being a kid in Australia :honeybee:


Same here Faroe, minus the bull ants, growing up at Granville in Sydney. I’m sure they grow bigger in Queensland, I found some monsters under a hive once.


Well it was those ants, that were big, segmented orange and black… you know the ones? I can’t remember their names. When I looked up online, the photo was different to bullants… or maybe we just called them that, getting old can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:


Old??..in your 30’s


lol well, I’m coming up to 36, my memory is better than when I was younger though. (it’s a joke, kinda)


Youth misspent on dubious mushrooms, cacti and highly aromatic inhalables? :smiling_imp:


I squashed the bottom of the stem of a funny mushrooms I was talking about last week, for curiosity only, but it remained white. It must have been just another toadstool.

Whenever I hear that someone supposedly grew out of it, I think of Willi Nelson.


Dear old wise one, sorry, I mean Dawn, I did not have a taste for mushrooms in my youth, although I have always loved succulents for their fortitude :slight_smile:
And I do not know what you refer to “aromatic inhalables”, are you referring to essential oils? Yes, I do like these in a diffuser, or in natural cosmetics :sunny:


What did Willi Nelson say? I always liked his songs. shot gon willi sits around in his underwear… la la la la pulling out all of his air.


I was thinking that Dawn was referring to illegal (in some parts of the world & states) aromatic inhalables, during a misspent youth. A substance that Nimbin if well known for. Whenever I hear someone say “he’ll grow out of it”, I always think to myself that Willi Nelson never grew out of it.