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Bee, wasp, fly or mutant?


This just landed on my hive stand, interesting rear legs look like they’ve evolved to mimic a spider. Anyone know what it is?
Queensland Australia


Pretty sure it is a “soldier fly”.



I think you got it :+1:t2:


Probably one of @JeffH’s. He loves those things! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s amazing how much more you notice, I’ve built a bee hotel and something has nested in two of the holes. I find myself paying a lot more attention to anything flying around the garden now.
I got a photo of what I think is the dance fly, id’d off @Rodderick’s link.


That’s what I enjoy about Jeff and Wilma’s videos, he spots an insect and the subject changes for a while. Jeff has some massive spiders at his place where he automatically ducks around the webs without a second thought while he works on his hives, He has a great outlook on life.


Thank you Peter & @Dawn_SD, Rod beat me to it. A soldier fly.

Soldier flies are pretty exciting. People raise the BSFL (larvae) to feed chooks, also fish food in aquaponics. The larvae are even edible for humans, however I’ve never tried them.

They are starting to turn huge quantities of food scraps into BSFL to be turned into bio fuel & animal food.


I believe it plays for Collingwood :laughing::laughing:


Is it wrong to then hope for a short life? :slight_smile: :wink:
… Or should it have my pity?

A Pies supporter I’m not… :slight_smile:


Not the Kiwi all blacks?


Even I could support them then. Wrong code but I can acknowledge a good team :slight_smile:
…and they were shown to be mortal too last week…! Didn’t expect that.