Two month hive check with a stationary camera (Video)

I decided to try it with a static camera as some have said they got motion sick. Let me know if you like this one better i’ll get a tripod for better shots :smiley:

Very nice video. Thank you for using a static camera - I am one of the wussy sickly ones, sorry!

I am sure you wanted some comments, so here are a few, offered with a constructive spirit:

  1. Your tripod idea is great. I get a lot of info from seeing the top of my boxes, so a knee high view is only giving me 25% of the info. :blush:
  2. Glad your bees have changed demeanor so much, I seem to recall in your early inspections you had to quit early because of aggressive behavior.
  3. When did you last inspect that lower box? I would go in there, even if the queen is in the upper box if I hadn’t seen inside the box in the last week or two. How do you know what they are doing down there? Good stores, no stores, pollen, queen cells, pests etc? I want to know for my hives, but you may wish to be more “hands off”. To make it safer for the queen (and the other bees) I usually put an inverted telescoping cover next to the hive, then put the upper brood box on top of that while I inspect the lower box. If I am inspecting alone, I can’t lift a full deep brood box safely, so I take an extra empty box and transfer 4 or 5 frames into it, then lift the remaining box and residual frames to sit on top, before putting everything back in the correct order, once I have inspected the bottom box. The bees seem just fine with this.

Anyhow, nice video and thank you for sharing!

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No problem :slight_smile: yeah i’m going to work on a better position for the camera. I normally check the bottom box and did pretty fast after this, saw pretty good nectar stores and decent pollen. I’ve been giving them a little pollen patty (like an inch strip) every week just to see if they take it and they destroy it pretty fast. I figure it will help brood production. About to get a ton of fireweed so i’m glad to see they are filling out the frames (especially the foundationless. filled a frame with comb in a week and a half. did a couple inches in one day.

I’ll add a little tip if I may.
Look at the bottom box first. That way you don’t get a lot of angry bees having been messed with while you inspect the box above them


Thanks for this all of you - so many helpful details & tips!

This effort in making videos is greatly appreciated! THank you.

Is it possible for you move the camera closer so the mic can pick up your commentary at the hive better? It looks like you can get the same goals of holding the frames to the camera if so.

I made another video as i put all the brood frames into the lower box, I think this will really help them out. I did it with a stationary camera. I’ll post it as soon as i get it uploaded :slight_smile: