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There is no guard bee. Did they swarm?

There were too much bees and no spaces.
So, I inserted 13 new frames in BB01(brooding box 01 - 5 new) BB02 - 5 news by doing checkerboard. And 3 new frames in the super. But baseball size of bees were out at the entrance continuously. After inserting new frames, still the bees were out only at night.
(by the way I am using Styrofoam, Paradise bee box) Last night, two baseball size of bees were at the entrance only at night.

So, about 5 hours ago, I removed bottom screen just in case if there was humidity issue in the box. And now, when I’ve just checked the hive, I’ve seen no guard bees at all.
Outside temperature has been around 20~25 celcius, continuously.

When swarm occurs, guard bees also go out together?
(I would like to inspect the box but right now is almost midnight ~
I cannot turn on light long enough to inspect.)

So, please let me know what it means when there are no guard bees.

Take a deep breath and wait till morning so you can dive in and have a look. We could guess for you but after you have a look you will KNOW what is/has happened.


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Do you know that the only light at night that will not disturb the bees is a RED light, a normal WHITE torch light will make the bees stressed and should never be used. The bees will fly to the light.
I would guess the bees outside were clustering or bearding which is not swarming but disturbing the bees at night will not give you any answers.
Often you will find no guard bees at the entrance if the colony is calm and the conditions are good.
A photo or two might help us to understand what you are seeing.
Regards Peter

Presence or absence of guard bees is not a reliable indicator.

Guard bees only appear when necessary. If things are quiet and colony is not under threat you won’t see them, but they can be sent to the entrance quickly if necessary.

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The guard bees are possibly inside the entrance, out of our sight, however very effective. Just poke something inside the hive, then see what happens.

PS, you’ll notice in the video “City of Bees” at just past the 4 minute mark that every bee, including the bees of the same colony entering the hive gets checked out by a guard bee. It’s done through the sensing organs of the guard bees antennae.



First don’t panic please ! 20 to 25 dgs C is normally just comfortable but a fully packed colony of 80,000 to maybe 100,000 bees produces a lot of heat n foam hive will hold that heat more.

I’m guessing they are Hot n at night all the bees are back home thus the bearding at night time only.

What was on the frames you pulled out n checker boarded all three boxes …(honey, mixed, brood) ? Usually adding another super or checker boarding one super should be enough to remove the issue/problem.

I’m thinking :thinking: if you’d knocked that hive hard enough the guard bees would have greeted you. With all those bees (trust me) there were guards there. They must not have felt in danger !!

Also a sample of good full n close-up photos also helps us help you. A few puxs speaks a thousand words as the saying goes.

Sounds like your doing a great job. Just stay cool/don’t panic n learn. B.T.W. How is that colony doing after a couple days ???

Cheers n good luck,

P.S. stay in touch !

Thank you~

After I removed the bottom screen, guard bees are gone. And when i tried to open the top, all the bees make sound ~ bbbbbbb
So i doubt the possibility of swarm. Anyway thanks for those comforting words.

Another thing i noticed because i gave my bedroom to the 2 boxes of bees under the mosquito net opened toward the window, i can observe the mortality of bees very clearly on the floor of the cemant. Very interesting ~ now the 3 stacks of box.