To use a second brood box on a flow hive

The bee keeper I purchased my nuc from suggested using a foundation frame. I brought a five frame nuc. So inserted the three foundation frame. He also advised a feeder and second brood box. A new beek so when to install the second box and do you put a queen extractor between the two. Or on top. Located in north east vic

Hi Lynda, welcome to the forum.

That’s good advice on using foundation frames. You need to make sure that the wires are embedded into the wax properly, otherwise the bees can mess it up.

In relation to the QE (queen excluder) & second brood box. Brood box means that the bees are going to raise brood (the next generation) in it, so therefore you wouldn’t want the put the QE between the 2 brood boxes.

The names of both items tells the function of each one.

“Honey super” suggests that the super is used for honey, so therefor you wouldn’t want the bees to raise brood in it, so therefore we put the queen excluder between the brood box & honey super.

If you are going to use a second brood box (I wouldn’t), install it after the first brood box is about 80% full of bees & brood.