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Tocal Beekeepers Field Day - Tocal/Paterson, NSW Australia 13/10/18


Saturday 13 October, 9am-4pm

Tocal Beekeepers Field Day
Tocal Agricultural Centre
Paterson NSW 2421

An annual event (now in its 39th year) featuring presentations, a trade show, hive demonstrations and honey tastings. View practical demonstrations on opening, splitting and rehousing a native stingless hive, and building frames and boxes. Hear from experts, including Flow’s Research Manager, Dr. Emily Grace .

Enter an exciting raffle with a range of prizes including a Flow Hive Hybrid Araucaria 3 frame! Come along – it’s a free event.

Visit event website & program

Dr. Emily Grace, Flow Research Manager.

Flow Hive Hybrid 3 frame – you can win this in the raffle!