Transferring langstroth brood frames into flo hive 2 brood box ? Can it be done?

I think you are absolutely right. I kept bees in the UK for many years. Crystallisation from OSR (Oil Seed Rape aka Canola in the US) was a problem, but it would be a problem for both traditional and Flow hives. If you can spin honey out of traditional frames (you can’t if they are crystallized), then you can use Flow frames. No problem.

When you drive along the motorway and see the OSR flowering in vast yellow swaths, just make sure your Flow super is off, or harvest within 2 weeks even if not capped. Same as for traditional hives. I don’t like OSR honey anyway (anyone for something that smells of old gym shoes and overcooked school cafeteria cabbage? :smile: ), so I would never have a super on when I could see it flowering within a couple of miles of our hives.

Thanks for this , appreciated, as I said before I’m fascinated by bees the honey is a great bi product , I’m looking forward to the whole process . Even if it takes a while longer .

Jamie Bruce.

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So how about an update Bruce. How did it all go? By now you know that Langstroth brood frames are measurement wise exactly the same as a Flow Hive brood frame. Possibly you now know that honey can crystallize to some extent dependent on what the bees are foraging on as much as temperature, and that will or won’t happen regardless of being in a Flow Frame or a traditional frame.
So how is your experience so far? Anything that has ‘knocked your socks off’ or would do differently?