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Starting a nuc in corflute nuc boxes in Perth


Dear Perthians,

Has anyone tried and successfully started a nuc in a corflute nuc box before? I am thinking of trying it this weekend

Any feedback would be much appreciated!




I haven’t and I don’t live in Perth so maybe I shouldn’t have answered but here goes…
Bees do much better with decent insulation be it in a “proper” hive made of wood or poly, a tree or in somebody’s house wall. They find it much easier to keep the brood nest between 32 and 35 degrees. Fighting against temperature fluctuations causes the colony much stress.
A nucleus colony is even more susceptible to such vagaries.
Bees will live anywhere including a corflute box but there is a difference between surviving and thriving.
I’m dead against experimenting with living creatures unnecessarily


I’m not sure if all coreflute nuc boxes are the same, however the ones I recently saw had very little bee space around the frames. I wouldn’t use them to start off a nuc. Plus there’s the issue of insulation as @Dee mentioned. I use 10 frame supers in my sub-tropical climate to start off nucs.


Why not just put them in a standard eight frame box?



Thank you for all the suggestions. Will take it into consideration and give it further thoughts.



They are fine for transport Aaron, and I use 57/64mm vents on all my
hardware. So…ship, store and place, then swap into convebtional hardware
at convienence.
If you are after something cheap+light+forgiving Bunnings sell a 30mm
polyurathane sheet (900x1200mm) which works well at all levels.