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Treat new Nucleus with Varromed?


How soon would you treat new bees going from Nucleus into a Flow Hive 2, let them settle for a couple of weeks and then do the first treatment? this is a new hive though will not have the bees until May 2019

I have been looking at this treatment


I would leave them at least that long, and maybe a month. Rather than treating empirically I would do a mite count first using either a sugar roll or alcohol wash, and treat according to the counts.

I don’t really like formic acid treatments, especially for new hives. They can be quite hard on the bees, and most experts say that there is a 10% risk that you may lose your queen. I far prefer oxalic acid vaporization. Once you have invested in the equipment (quite expensive), each treatment only costs a few pennies. It is quick to do, and minimally disturbing to the bees. Treatments can be repeated at 5 day intervals until you have good mite counts. :wink:


Thanks Dawn I will have a look


I have the Swiss-designed Varrox unit, and it is excellent. Expensive, but durable, reliable and nicely made. You can buy one here:


You then need a power supply, and I use a lightweight jump starter, as one of my hives is a long way from civilization. :wink: Any 12V jump starter designed for SUVs, trucks etc, should be more than good enough. Mine will do about 5 hives before needing a recharge.

For the Oxalic Acid, I just use commercial wood bleach. In the US, this is 99% pure oxalic acid crystals, which is more than good enough. In the UK, B&Q or Homebase should have something equivalent. :blush:


Thanks again Dawn I will have a look