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UK national flow super

Is the UK national flow super top or bottom bee space

Your query is worded a bit odd; beespace? If your question is do you put the honey super on top of your brood box the answer is yes. If you bought an authentic Flow Hive there are instructions in the kit with a diagram of the equipment that shows you the order of things.

Langstroth are top bee space, UK national hives are bottom bee space. Flow hives are top bee space and on a Langstroth pattern. Just trying to establish where the bee space is located on the Flow Hive UK National super.

Flow super on top for all models. But you could experiment.

I’ve not seen many honey supers at the bottom of local UK National hives to be honest. You got any pics delsworth and how successful has that practise been for you. I like hearing about something different :+1:

The flow super would go on top. I am asking about the location of the bee space (the 9mm ish gap that allows the bees to move around in the hive).

Ahh that’s a bit more clearer delsworth. @paras might be best placed to answer that I’ve langstroth flows mate so about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. :+1:.

UK flow hive Facebook group is another place that might help you.

The beehive space is the bottom. It’s the same for the langstroth as well.

We have a National FlowHive Super in our beeclub and just confirmed with the person who looks after the Super.