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Flow UK National Super - assembled correctly?

Hi all,

Soon-to-be first time beekeeper here with a question! For background, I will be using a UK National hive - I ordered and recently received a Flow UK National Super with frames, so that I have the option of using the Flow system or not.

I have assembled and adjusted the Flow super, but there is a gap that is troubling me, and I wanted to ask someone who would know whether I’ve done everything correctly. I followed the instructions that came with the super, and have watched a couple of Youtube videos too, but haven’t seen anything that focusses on the gap in question.

Essentially what I am concerned about is the space between the non-tap side of the frames (i.e. the front of hive side) and the inside of the Super box, which looks to me like it might be too big. Turns out as a new forum member I’m only allowed to attach one picture - this one I have attached was taken inside the box, side on, and should hopefully show what I am talking about.

I have made sure that the tap side of the frames is all flush, so there are no funny gaps there. And I opened the adjustment screws just enough so that the frames aren’t moving front to back.

It’s not bees escaping that is my concern, as the gap is at the other end. More that they might build comb in the gap. Hopefully I’m just being paranoid and this is how it’s supposed to fit together.

Apologies for the lengthy (first!) message, but I wanted to make my Q as clear as possible. Any thoughts gratefully received!



I think that looks ok - as long as there are no gaps on the back, tap side. It looks like you have the adjustment screw set correctly so it won’t slide back and forth.

You do need a bit of a gap to get the frame out and a little bit of comb the bees might make there shouldn’t be an issue. However, I doubt they will build it up completely because it’s not very wide and they like to have some passageways between the combs.

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Appreciate the response, thank you!

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

One thing that concerns me with your photo is the lack of a frame rest. Where is the “lug” of the frame going to sit? Having kept bees in the UK, I seem to recall that National boxes are almost square, but I am just worried that we are not understanding your problem correctly. Now that you have a couple of responses and “likes”, you should be able to post more photos in each reply. :wink:

Isn’t the flow frame ear resting on the box’s frame rest in his picture?

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Hi again - assuming I understand the terminology properly then yes the frame’s ear is resting on the box’s frame rest. I will upload more pics, but they will have to be in separate replies I’m afraid as I still only seem to be able to upload one at a time… I will include one of the tap/back end so that you can see it’s all flush and (I believe) correct there.

One thing I have noticed is that the plastic spacers at the bottom of the frame on the front/non-tap side are not touching the inside front of the super, but I suppose this is because I have adjusted the screw. I’ll reply with a pic of that too.


Another one…


Tap end…


Last one - bottom spacers on the front/non-tap end.


It all looks good…:slight_smile:


You are right. Now I have my good reading glasses on, I can see that. The wood is so even in the grain in that first photo, it is hard to make out the rebate/rabbet/frame rest.

@ANB29 , I agree with @chau06 and @JeffH , it all looks hunky dory! :blush:

The extra photos were very helpful, by the way. Thank you for making the effort to post them all. :wink:

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Thanks very much to all who responded - that’s a relief!