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underground bees 🐝🐝🐝😱


I’m sorry if I’ve started not relevant topic… I need your advice.
can you give any info on hive located under ground? recently one was disturbed at our neighbors yard, now, there is a new hive in our yard…or maybe it was always there…not sure what to do. can it or should it be removed? what kind of bees live underground?


Impossible to say without a photograph. There are many types of bees which routinely choose to live underground, including bumblebees and mining bees. However, I have also seen honey bees living apparently underground, in the foundations of a metal shed. They build comb suspended from the (usually plywood) floor of the shed, and they use the drainage holes in the bottom of the walls as an entrance. I have even seen them excavate some of the dirt around their chosen entrance to improve their access.

If you can take a photo and post it here, we can try to help you with something more accurate. :wink:


Thank you! Here is the nest from my yard -


And photos from my neighboors (I’m not sure is it the same breed):



I’m wondering if that might be some kind of wasp nest? Perhaps European wasp?


Are you finding honey in any of the comb at all, there a wasp species that live underground in colonies and if you are not smelling honey I would be thinking you have found a wasps nest.
Without a photo of the insect itself it would be just conjecture.


I’d say yellow jacket judging by the pictures. Lots of comb no inhabitants, exterminated?