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Unknown hive destroyed - driveway covered in honey and bees

Hi all. I just had a bunch of dead trees removed from my property and unfortunately there was a beehive located in one of the trees that was taken down. We had no idea it was there until the tree fell and the hive was destroyed. The tree fell across my driveway, so now there are giant puddles of honey all over my driveway and I am guessing a few thousand bees swarmInfo and finding the honey. How can I clean up the honey without hurting the bees or getting stung?

Hi Jamie, the bees will clean up the honey. If you are able to call a bee club or bee keeper in your area they may be able to rescue the queen and what brood there is, put it into a box there on the driveway and lure the bees into the box. It may take a couple of hours but if you can be patient it will be interesting to watch and will save the colony.


yes- I’ve seen a few cases like this recently and the dispalced bees will likely form a swarm like cluster nearby. It may be possible to save them- though they’ll almost certianly be queenless.