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Unwelcomed honey bee hive


Hello , My name is Archana and I am from India. Today morning I saw a bee hive in my balcony. I was scared and didnt know what to do… tried calling for help but everbody from pest control speaks the same thing …they will kill the bees by spraying some chemical…which I found very disturbing…though I dont want them but I dont want to harm them as well… as its in the balcony where i kept my unused stuff…I might need to open the door sometime to remove few items from there and this might disturb the bee colony n might attack me and my kid… m so confused…can someone help me.


That looks like a very small swarm, and they will not build a hive like that. They are probably just taking a rest while they find a good home. If you don’t bother them, they will not sting you. It is very likely that they will leave within a day or two. :blush:


Thank you very much. M so relieved to hear that. I wish them a good home soon…


Thank you for coming here to ask Archana_Roy!


Thanks. I needed some advice from an expert…n i found this forum good when I searched in google for help. :grinning:


Check if you have a local beekeeping club or an online community bulletin board like Craigslist. Often these groups will have swarm call lists, you can let them know you have a swarm and someone will come out and collect them for their own hives. That way you know they will get a good home and don’t have to worry about where they might set up shop.