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Update to "There are Queen Cells in My Hive"

To those of you that have this there is an update


Thank you for the update @Dee!


@Dee has saved my life, well my fingers, with this publication. Being able to post the link has saved me countless hours of typing, plus they explain it much better than I could. Thanks Dee, you are my heroine! :blush:


Yeah Dee’s alright but Wally Shaw is the real hero Dawn!

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Well, being a modest Brit, I was trying not to shine the light too much on Mr Shaw. Besides, he gets lots of exposure in the UK already. :smile: Plus, @Dee has been awfully quiet recently, I was just trying to give her a little stroke to encourage her out of her hive. :blush:

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You lot are doing famously without interference from me.
Most new beekeepers here have a season under their belts with their new toys and are now giving the advice. I think it’s wonderful how everybody has grown. (AND I’m not being patronising)