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Using a magnifier to see eggs and larvae


Hi all

I have always prided myself on my 20/20 vision (6/6 in Australia). But now that I have hit my late 40’s, I need reading glasses. When I inspect my hive, I really struggle to see eggs and even larvae up close.

So I bought one of these:

Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier - $9 at Amazon!

It fits under my veil, I can flip it up for seeing the whole hive, or flip down to see eggs etc. It has a built-in LED light to shine straight into cells. Has a flip-down extra-high power loupe to see super close. As a bonus, it keeps my veil away from my face and ears, so bees can’t sting me through the veil.

Works for me.


Hi Aralyen,

I too have cross the 40 line n the 70 line too . In 2012 I lost the retina in my left eye. They were able to reattached the retina once again. My left eye had been my strongest n best. Now I wear glasses n only have 50/20 vision. This is a real step-down from those youthful time.

I like that suggestion you gave. If I am to see those tiny eggs n beginning larvae I will truely need all the help I can get. I guess I’ll have to figure this Amazon thingy or another source. Thankz !


If it works for you, excellent; those eggs have to be spotted :slight_smile:


Hiya Rob, I see you are in Aus and I’d like to purchase one also as I’m over 40 too… I went to Amazon but have not used before, what are the shipping rates?


Hi skeggley, If you follow Araluen’s link you will find shipping details on the right hand side. Get a drop down list of countries when you click on the link and select Australia.


You’ve never used Amazon before??:scream: Amazon is awesome.

Not all items ship to Australia, but the magnifier does. If that is all you buy, shipping is about $5, and then you need to factor in the Australian dollar is only worth a few cents US.

I usually put in a bigger order with Amazon to make the shipping costs worth it. This book, for example:

I’m sure you can find the magnifier or something similar on other online websites, e.g. eBay.


Is awesome

A must for every beekeeper


I more then pay for my Amazon Prime membership with all the free shipping. I can get what I want when I want it without worrying if shipping is killing me. Not to mention all the free shows and movies that I get with the included streaming account