Using bag feeders and bees in my face

Hey everyone, I have started feeding my bees now and since I’m waiting for my feeder to arrive (I’m having a bit of a difficult time getting equipment that fits my 8 frame medium hives :slight_smile: ) I’m using bags on top of the inner cover. My problem with this is that as soon as I open the roof to replace the bags there are lots of bees that are taking objections to me being there.
Any suggestions on how to better feed them with bags or something readily available and preferably inexpensive?

Either you have to suit up, or you could try an inverted mason jar with tiny holes punched in the lid, like this:

You can then tape #8 hardware cloth (or insect screen material) over the top of the hole in the inner cover. The bees can stick their tongues through the screen into the jar, but if you lift the jar up, they can’t fly out.

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Just give them a light smoke and wear a veil. Job done.


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If your still looking for an Eight (8) frame top-feeder … You might try Brushy Mountain as they have 5 frame, 8 frame n 10 frame top feeders with nice removable rafts. I make my own 10 frame ones but didn’t have the time to retool for the other two sizes … Here I am filling the five n 10 framers. The eight I’m not using yet so just took a pix here too…,

s type … I’ve used all three types n sizes this last Spring with good success n will use again this autumn if all hives need assistance.

Hope this helps,

so the bag thing didn’t work out well for me, I ended up building one like this, very easy to manage, I can exchange one or multiple ones as needed.