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Holes in feeder lids

Hi everyone

I have a query about punching holes into the lid of a glass jar feeder.
The lid we currently have the holes have been punched into the lid from the outside in (picture attached).
We are planning to make some feeders instead of purchasing this time.
Some advice online indicates that the holes should be punched from the inside out.

should the holes be punched from the inside-out or from the outside-in?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t think it really matters. If you are that worried about the bees damaging their proboscis on the burr metal, you could always sand the “sharp” side a little. :wink:

You have done it right, Sam, and the photo is what we want to see. The bees don’t have a sharp edge to do any damage to their tongues. If you are feeding sugar and water I would use 2 parts sugar (white) to one part water and it should form a nice droplet at the holes. You might get some droplets fall off initially but that will stop if the top has sealed to the jar…

Wonderful :slight_smile:
Thank you, Peter

Thank you for the advice, Dawn.

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