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Using bees to clean combs?


One of my hives got overrun by wax moths (Happened so fast. I saw a couple larvae on one inspection, smashed them, came back two weeks later and was horrified). The hive was already very weak due to a late queen replacement which didn’t take and had no developing brood so I decided to shake out the remaining bees (will they find their way to my other hives or are they doomed?) and freeze the whole box. Now my dilemma is what to do with the frames. They are still very full of honey and bread but there is already comb built out in my other three hives. Is there a way I can use these to feed the other hives? The other hives are fairly new (just installed the packages barely a month ago). It would be nice if I could convince the bees to clean them out so I can just set the frames aside for future use. I don’t really have the room to keep it in the freezer indefinitely.


I’m wondering if you could put the frames in a box on top of another hive, once the other hive has got strong enough to defend the extra box?


I would extract the honey for personal use, then put the stickies in a box above another colony, inside that is.