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Using Flow Hive Frames in a Slovenian Hive

I am new to beekeeping. I currently do not have any hives. Though, I am in the process of buying a Flow Hive from an individual.

I am an older person. Thus, I am looking for ways to avoid lifting hive boxes. The solution that I like is the Slovenian hive. With this hive I would access my bees and frames from the back rather than the top of the box.

During my research I find that I like the idea of a Flow Hive. Though, I have found nothing on merging a Flow Hive with a Slovenian Hive. Thus, I have come up with a couple of ideas of how to accomplish this merge. I am here looking for advice on what may work or might fail.

Idea 1: Install Flow Hive frames into the top compartment of the Slovenian cabinet. Though, my thought is that some modifications would be needed. I have 2 questions that I am looking for answers to.

  1. A Slovenian hive uses rods to hold up frames. Would setting Flow Hive frames on 3 rods cause a structural issue with the frames?
  2. Flow Frames are installed in a very tight fit into the box. Would it be impossible to remove frames from the back of a box rather than from the top?

Idea 2: The top of the Slovenian cabinet is from 3/4 to 15/16 of an inch thick. The idea is to cut 1/2 wide slots to the top board to allow setting a standard Flow Frame box on top of the cabinet. Would there be any issue with bees traveling from lower cabinet into the Flow Hive box?