Using honey frames for new package

I was talking with a local beekeeper about using honey frames for my new package of bees and he suggested not to because honey is a thick winter feed. He said to use 1:1 sugar water to stimulate egg laying for spring. I have never heard this. Has anyone else have any information regarding this? I know if yiu ask 2 beekeepers 1 question, you will get 3 different anwers, but i believe the more you ask, the more you learn, lol

Personally, I would use the honey frames, and any drawn frames from a healthy hive. They are a huge boost for a package :blush:

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Thank you Dawn! I really want to ise them! My other bees woked very hard for that honey and comb!

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I agree with @Dawn_SD
The honey & comb is of the bees making. As long as it is free of disease, it make sense to feed it back to the bees.
Dawn & I have upset that saying you quoted, because 2 beekeepers gave only one answer.


Thank you all so very much for your expertise. I was just teasing regarding the question and answer quote. I appreciate this forum so much. It is so amazing to be able to ask questions to experienced beekeepers!!