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Using my Iphone voice memo

Just used Voice Memo on my Iphone (ask Siri to open it) to record my hive inspection. No need for sheets of paper (that either blow away or get covered in honey). Easier to talk than write and then you can just transfer your findings to print, paper, computer later. When listening to it later its like re living the inspection and I found it great. You can have a points check list nearby to remind you of what to look for if necessary. No having to down tools and pick up a pen. Maybe lots of you doing this already but thought I contribute.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I would love some kind of camera that I could attach to my hood so photos could be taken without me having to handle the camera.
Maybe some kind of go pro camera or something…

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Faroe, I have sewn Velcro to my bee suit on either side of the top of my zipper (at the base of my neck). My GoPro attaches there and it works very well for inspections. The only downside is that I have to remember to charge the GoPro!

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If you use iPhone I can totally recommend the BeePlus apiary management app. It’s perfect for managing records of any number of hives. It has satellite maps that show you how far your bees can theoretically forage, a simple expenses ledger, and heaps more. You can combine two hives, export all records, manage photos, etc. It was clearly designed by good beekeepers who know exactly what information recording is required. I love it! It’s perfect and last time I looked it only costs about $6. I’m able to keep perfect records of all 13 of my hives spread across 4 sites. 100% value for money.

Thank you. I use phone simply for its easy recording option. Have tried a couple of the apps including the one you mention but they are not for me. I just do a nice easy transfer of information to a file on my pc listening to my recorded inspection notes.