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Apps for keeping track of hives

I’m looking into apps to keep notes on my hives, specifically HiveTracks and HiveKeepers. Has anyone used them? Do people like them?
I’m currently using a log that my local association hands out, but would rather use app.

A Mead notebook and bic pen work the best.

Sticky fingers, bright sunshine, and electronics don’t mix.

If you’re mind is set on electronic note keeping, I recommend Microsoft Word.

I am using BeePlus- it’s great- it has all the features I need to keep track of all my hives. Recently the legislation in South Australia changed saying that you have to keep logs of inspections in case you yourself are inspected. The BeePlus app is perfect for that.

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I think I will try Beeplus, it is subscription free and seems to do everything the others do.
I’m a new beekeeper, so I may do both the paper and app to see what I like best.
Thank you for the recommendation!

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Try Beetight. It’s easy, well laid out and free for your first six hives.I no longer use a written log.