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Florida Big Bend Beekeepers


We’re in Tallahassee, looking to connect to local bee-keepers and flow-fans. We have never kept our own hive before, but have helped friends and family in the past, but there is still much we need to learn before our hive arrives. Hoping we can meet some other knowledgeable locals!

Any Flow hive owners or wanna "bee" owners in Florida here?

I live in Miami and just had a hive taken down, that was in a fake, hollow column in the front of my house. I had left the bees there for over a year but the condo said they had to be removed because they were in the column. I got 6 800ml jars of honey and that has sparked me to want to buy a Flow Hive and start my bee keeping.

Have you guys bought a Flow Hive and where can I buy one?




I’m in south GA. … Valdosta to be exact. Anxiously awaiting my flow hive arrival. Newbie to beekeeping.


Hi Helcio,

I purchased my Flow Hive during the Indie Gogo campaign and am expecting it to arrive in December. Now that the campaign is closed, it looks like you’ll be able to purchase a hive in a couple of weeks: http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/buy-flow/p/121


Nice to digitally meet you! Do you have a source for bees up there? We’re wondering where we might find a local source for bees.


Not one that I know of.


So when do bees swarm down here in the southeast USA… late summer?