Vivaldi board use on a FH2

I have an 8 frame FlowHive 2 and would like to use a rapid round feeder. Since it won’t fit under the FH roof, I’ve been thinking about adding a Vivaldi board to my set up. I understand that in addition to providing depth sufficient for a round feeder, the Vivaldi may also improve hive ventilation.

Two questions for my experienced new friends:

  1. Have any of you used one?
  2. Will my (beautiful, painted red) FH2 gabled roof fit on top of a Vivladi board?

Thank you!

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The gabled roof sort of functions like a Vivaldi board if you put in roof vents.

But yes, you could use a Vivaldi board under your flow roof!

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I have not, but I think @Eva has. I just put the inner cover on top of the brood boxes, then put the feeder on, then put an empty extra medium or deep box on top of that. The roof goes on top enclosing the feeder, and everything is fine. However at this time of year in your climate, bees may not take liquid feed. What do you think @Eva, would your bees take syrup right now?


Sorry, I incompletely read your message…

Thank you, Dawn. To clarify, I am totally new and still in the setup/figuring things out phase (won’t even get bees for my hive until spring)!

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Flow hive boxes are slightly thinner than standard equipment so you might have trouble fitting your FHR onto a vivaldi board so check the thickness.

I bought spare langstroth boxes (UK) and roof doesn’t fit as they are thicker.

Not difficult to make your own shim or even easier to just use a spare brood box.

It’s the only thing I don’t like about the roof, I’d like to see Flow introduce a roof with taller sides to accommodate larger feeders like a rapid round or contact feeder.


Thank you for very useful information! I am not a carpenter so may aim for purchasing an extra FH brood box to use as a generous-sized shim.

Wait a minute…maybe I (or someone with skill and tools) could cut a deep FH brood box in 1/2 so that half could become the medium super that I’d like to use for overwintering honey stores, and the other half could become a shim!


:smile: you’re welcome cmm! though a medium is more like 2/3s of a deep…

I’m not sure what I’d call the setup I rigged, but I spose it’s Vivaldi-esque. I use these ready-made shims to bump up the space under the roof to fit a combo of insulation and food:

To answer Dawn’s other question about bees taking syrup in these parts now, we had snow yesterday and now the temps will be in the mid 50s for a few days, so - ?? :woman_facepalming:

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On second thought, cutting a deep box does not seem like a great idea. Plus, as I read about others’ overwintering setups, I think it might be safer for me to leave the bees with a deep box of honey stores on top of the brood box, rather than a medium.
I have ordered a deep box and plan to make a feeder shim a la Frederick Dunn (Youtube link to directions:

This shim will fit my FH2 perfectly because we’ll make it, and it will be deep enough to hold the rapid round feeder that I want to use, AND it will allow me to use the FH2 gabled roof on top.

How does this plan sound?

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Cutting a deep FH box in half is an awfully expensive way to do it…

You can make an eke with four pieces of wood of the right size, just enough to raise the roof over the feeder.

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