Wanted Flow Hive in Langley, BC

Looking to purchase if you have a flow hive in Canada.
Really interested in buying one so I thought I’d look here first. Very new to this process. Will take course this winter. Open to advice, if you are from the area.

Hi there! I am looking to sell my full Flow Hive - I just don’t have the time (or place) to commit to this project at this stage.
I’m in Ottawa, ON, so could look into shipping costs to Langley, etc - my hive is still in the box and so are the flow frames (the whole thing came in two boxes).

Am open to offers. Let me know if you are interested!

I’d be very interested in your flow hive. I do have a business card for Canada post that allows great discount on shipping that you could use.
What are you hoping to get for it? I wanted to pay around $350-400.
Do you have pictures of the packages?

Could I call you to discuss?

Please feel free to email direct to bro62tam@hotmail.com