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Washington State Bee Keepers


Thank you very much!


Lake Stevens Washington Bee keeper here. Awaiting my flow hive. Should be here in the next few weeks. Starting a langstroth hive as well. New bee package will be here before my flow hive arrives. Anxious to see results and compare the flow hive. Very excited. Going to put the flow hive frames on the existing hive when the bees are ready to make some honey. Bought the entire flow hive and now realize I only needed the frames but will just add boxes as hive strengthens.(mix and match) Then, I hope to have two hives by the end of the season. (Hoping to split)


Or catch a swarm, then you will need a third hive! :slight_smile:

It would be unusual to split a hive started from a package in the first season, but who knows, maybe you will get a very prolific queen! :smile:


You might be lucky. Very early splits might well both give you honey but you need a strong colony to split. It’s usually a case of increasing your stocks OR taking honey. It depends how long your season is.


Split, swarm… come one come all. I love honey bees. I have room for all. :relaxed:


Sounds like you will be a great beekeeper! Just remember, beekeeping can be highly addictive:



Hi Lk Stevens.

Sounds like a lot going up there n your bees arrive soon. I attended a Beekeeper for a Day workshop this last weekend. Brought back a lot of memories. There were only seven student … I was odd man so helped, photographed n was able to add hints to very newbees that had never handled a frame or hive before. I had really forgot how heavy a full hive box can bee ! :wink:.

. . . Just a couple pix’s from our "Beekeeper for a Day workshop in bee yard near Maple Valley. Keep in touch n post a few pix’s adding your bees to the hive.

I’ve also built two 5 frame Deep Nuc’s I’m going to use soon as Swarm Traps.

I’ll only use the single level. The 5 frame super is for raising Nuc’s hives someday in the future but will also make great traps I hope.

Take care n enjoy.
Gerald east of Renton.


It’s up n baited ! Got my swarm hive all up n ready. We have very few feral colony’s near us … I use to see swarms all the time but haven’t seen one in 4 or five years except near apiaries of friend.


Mine are all but charged. The wooden ones have been scorched and all have been painted inside with propolis. I’ll put frames in just before they go out.
Gerald, I might consider putting a strap round that. It will save you worrying about the top coming off when you take it down. Oh…and keep that champagne cork handy…to close the entrance, of course :slight_smile:


Hi Dee, yah I was looking up at that … Got a couple of those ratchet type bands around here someplace. Good advice ! Oooh ! Could you send me one of those CORKs ?! :wink::+1: … When I was a teen getting a Swarm was easy around here. They were always hanging around in some bush or tree sooner or later. With lack of wild bees it’s a seldom event now. Wish me luck :four_leaf_clover::honeybee:. Im off this morning before the bees getting to help a buddy move a few hives. Enjoy your Friday n weekend too. Cheers. Gerald.


Does anyone know that if in spokane you use one brood box or two?


Given your climate zone, definitely 2 deeps for brood. If you want a matching one for your Flow hive, you can order one from:

Rusty Burlew is in your state, and she even talks about using triple deeps for brood:



This is Gerald n I live over on the Westside of Cascades SE of Seattle in the foothills. Everyone I know usually use double deeps over here. I used doubles when kept bees here 55 year ago too.

My three hive setups are double deeps as I once again start beekeeping. I just got my Nuc’s on Friday (4/15/2016). I’ve transferred by bees on Friday … Bees are busy n seem productive already bringing in nectar n pollen ( probably maple n laurels)…

Anyway … Dawns correct … We do run doubles n I guess some more but I don’t personally know them !

Good luck n happy beekeeping !




Gerald, are you on the swarm list with your local bee club. I’m south of you in Lacey and have 2 Langstroth, a flow hive and. Warre going. The girls have been very busy with 6.5 foundation less frames drawn out in 6 days. Waiting for a weather window to expand. I have enjoyed seeing your photos and posts over the past several months. Hope you have a great season.



Not a member of a club at the moment so not not on a swarm list. For now there’s no clubs close enough for me. Plus my plate is pretty stacked. My wife has M.D. So I really can’t get away much except to work n teach ESL one night a week to Vietnamese in a language school. Not sure for now I need the Swarm chasing either. My eyes are crappy n doctors have advice n me not to be climbing much where I might fall. If I lose my retina I might not see much again so I stay careful … Thanks for the note. Take care… Gerald


Sorry for you and spouses medical troubles. I hope you have a great season. Keep posting your progress. The summer like weather has the girls off on a fast start.


Should I harvest honey the first year?


I answered this on the the other thread where you asked. You really only need to ask a question once, because this forum is very efficient at making sure that everyone sees new questions! :blush:



Thanks, and sorry! :slight_smile:


So when should I put the flow frames on? When the brood box is full?