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@Dawn_SD i don’t have a second key. being a bit worried that flow frames had too much propolis in the cells from last year and the plastic being fragile. any pointers on a diy second key option?

Either order one from Flow (they are available on the web store), or just mark the one you have even in 10% increments, then put the key in the left of the channel, turn, put in the right, turn and wait. Maybe @Freebee2 can advise too?

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Thanks, that sounds like a good tip Dawn, or you can purchase a spare one here https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-spare-parts/flow-key/p/268 (currently sold out but available for pre-order with June shipping)

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well, checked the frames and the capped honey was only on the outside of middle frames in a half-circle pattern. no nectar either, like they left space for the queen to lay. of course, there’s a queen excluder so she won’t. heaviest frame was one on the outside, but it wasn’t capped yet and no much visible honey in the pic on that frame. back to waiting…

Hi folks,
Complete newbie here.
As part of our efforts to become a bit more self-sufficient, especially as we progress in these strange times of the new normal, my wife and I are considering getting our first Flow Hive. We live on Whidbey Island, and have just under 3 acres in an area with a lot of farms nearby. We have a 4000’ sq.ft. veggie and flower garden and are planning on expanding a new cut flower garden at nearly that size or larger pretty soon. Also about half an acre at least is covered in blackberry bushes. So lots, we hope, of potential for a new family of pollinators to enjoy.
So…big question: where the heck can we find a nuc?! I’ve looked at multiple suppliers and apiaries through the puget sound beekeepers association website and found that everyone so far says they’re sold out of nucs for 2020!
I’m wondering if that’s just for the first spring nucs or is that for the whole year? Will more be available in early summer or did we miss our chance this year entirely? Or is everyone saying they are sold out due to the pandemic and statewide shutdown order preventing them from being allowed to be “open for business” at this time? (Our business is still shut down but apparently as of June 1st we are allowed to proceed to Phase 2 reopening in Island County)
Thank you for any guidance or suggestions you may have for us to get started this year if it’s not too late.

  • Joe & Rhiannon

unfortunately this endeavor requires a few months of planning. nuc colonies are usually only available in the spring, and newbies really need to order them in january. best thing right now is probably befriending a farmer with hives on their property, so you can see what it involves. good luck!