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Dee, your right about the Flow-hive being primarially just a new extraction method. I know the supers under the flow are the most important … That’s called “BeeKeeping”. Well, at 70 years old I am still off to work here. Just semi-retired but looking at projects to do as I throstle down here in Coalfield east of Renton. Have a great day.



Not sure if your still interested in Beekeeping or not. According to Seattle codes you are allowed up to four hives. There is a 25’ set back rule from fence lines with some exception.

Even with these rules you can enjoy the hobby of beekeeping in your tight urban setting.

Nels, good to see you are moving ahead n learning. I am also getting onboard. It was Jr n Sr high school in the Ag program at Issaquah High I last reared honeybees. Now 55 years later I find myself building n assembling hives for the three Nuc’s I have ordered for April delivery 2016. I am semi-retired n so I will have extra time to learn more n devote it to raising my new colonies of honeybee.

Has your hives arrived yet ? That should be exciting … Take a few pix’s to show maybe.

Dowbell, I also live in the Greater Renton area. Actually my Weather Station location to NOAA says I am 3.2 ms due East of town. I grew up out here when it was only forest n small farms among the trees.

In our region it is advised to use two deep boxes. One is your main brood box n upper deep will usually be your winter honey supply. The new Flow-hive would eventually sit atop that second deep super.

I am returning to beekeeping after a 55 year break. I raised bees as a school agriculture project for 7 or 8 years. I will be receiving my 3 Nuc’s of bees about mid April 2016. I am building n assembling my hives this winter in my small woodshop.

If you read this n are interested … We could meet someplace for coffee. I can be reached here or my E-mail gwnick@aol.com but use a header “BeeKeeping” so it does go to my auto trash can. Hope to hear from you.

Coalfieldbeelover - Gerald

Hi everyone ! Been busy building n assembling several complete new hive set up n Nuc boxes as well.

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We moved to Snohomish from Everett in July. We have 6 acres, and are looking forward to becoming beekeepers. I haven’t connected with anyone local yet-the Beez Neez seems to be closed for the season (or maybe just the holidays). My husband and I would love to attend a local meeting and chat with experienced beekeepers.

It’s a bit of a journey for you but Bees in the Burbs is open each weekend day n weekends out in Maple Valley if you just have to get going… You don’t want to be waiting long now for getting a hive or two prepped n should not wait on ordering your bees. Often bees nuc’s n 3 pounders get scare to order the longer you wait. They have Classis: "Beginning Beekeeping 101 Saturday the 24th this month. Look them up on the Internet or give them a call.

I live east of Renton n returning to beekeeping after 55 year absence from the hobby. Welcome aboard.

Coalfield bee lover

Hello Pinkforestcalling. My wife and I just moved over to the Coeur d’Alene area from Spokane and just received our Flow Hive kit on 1/4/2016. Like you, we’re new to beekeeping. Once the snow melts and we’ve assembled our hive we’ll be ordering bees and getting underway. We would be pleased to correspond via email, etc. or meet for coffee. We’ll check in on the Forum periodically to see if you, or other Inland NW neighbors, are online.

Bryan, sorry about meeting for coffee. I live in Western Washington.

Couple notes. I would use this time to get one or two full hive bodies ordered n ready. Once Spring is here time is critical n hives should be getting ready for action. Now is the time to be ordering a 3 pound colony or Nuc of bees. Waiting you will be at the end of a very long line of limited supplies n bees.

Get online n find the closest supplier to garantee what you need n any possible "Beginner Beekeeping classes near you if possible. Good luck n get in gear. Things get moving way too fast if you wait longer !

Enjoy the ride n hobby,
Coalfield Beelover

Byran, here’s a quick pix of one of my 3 ready hives. I ordered bought one full set up of unassembled hive body n made two more in my small wood shop. You can order either unassembled or assembled. I’d get going at this immediately. Happy Bee keeping, Coalfield Beelover.

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is that a slotted zinc excluder you have there?

Dee, my excluders are not zinc wire. If left out before propolis is added by the bees they rust indicating only untreated mild steel. Why do you ask ?

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Ahh…that QX looks nice.
I ask, because there are times I would like a frameless wired QX (i.e. one without beespace one side).
Also the wooden framed ones are difficult to clean around the frame…I’ve just laboured through 10!
The only ones available here are slotted zinc and plastic(which droops)
Yours fits the bill.
Now all I have to do is change all my kit to Lang :wink:

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When I worked with bees 55 years ago for a school Agriculture project we had similar. So when I decided to return to beekeeping last year I looked for nearly the same same. Not sure how I got lucky to find these non-sagging QX’s I hope you can find them soon. Thanks for your reply. Stay in touch time to time. Gerald

we got a nice above the norm temp day of 54 dgs F. The bees were busy out doing their cleansing flights most of the day n enjoying the sunshine like me

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Close up of the girls out to enjoy the sunshine … It’s been at or below freezing off/on since about Christmas.

My wife got me a fogger for Christmas. Assembled n practice with it on one of my
new empty hives.

Fogger takes some practice to get it to fog n work properly. Don’t ever want to damage or fry my girls.

Dee, where do you live at ? I live in Puget Sound of Washington State. I’ve lived out here in the lower foothill country all my life. I’ve visited a few other areas but love the PNW region best. Take care … Coalfield Beelover - Gearld