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Dipping wood boxes in Wax?


what are yall’s thought on dipping our boxes in wax to protect them?


I’ve seen this - if you knew somewhere industrially to do it otherwise would not touch with a barge pole - very dangerous


Yes, I have met another beekeeper at the bee club I go to that will do this for a small fee. He has a big set up. I just had not heard of it and wanted others thoughts if it would be worth while. I have learned a lot on here and you personal have been a big help as well.


I think it is a fabulous idea, either with paraffin as your video shows, or with beeswax and rosin, as Michael Bush describes:

If I could do it, I would. It lasts for ever compared with anything else. However, I don’t have access to the equipment, and investing in it is not worth it for the number of hives I have. Of course if you do decide to do it, it would be worth taking the observation windows out of the flow super box… :blush:

Please post pics before and after if you dip!



Here’s a small YouTube video of my flow hive boxes being dipped in hot wax to protect them instead of oil or paint.


by the way, today well helping Brad, we had a foam moisture boil over and wax ran down the side and caught on fire. It took three different fire extinguishers and we had to let it cool down for about an hour clean up before we can get started again.

The issue was too many pieces at one time that had too much moisture. It was the moisture in the foam causing it to spill over the edge. Lessons learned, Certainly didn’t need this to happen but it happened on a small-scale and lots we’re learned.


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how did you apply the wax?


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