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Wax dipped hive bodies

Does anyone think wax dipped hive bodies might attract the wrong kind of attention from robbers, pests, animals more so than painted, oiled, or scorched boxes would?

I haven’t seen any attention to my wax dipped bodies - they are usually dipped in paraffin and microcrystalline wax because beeswax has too low a melting point.

Not my experience. I don’t find them any more prone than my painted boxes. Our commercial beekeepers will by preference wax dip and it most circumstances paint them (first coat while hot from the dipper).

I really like the few hives I’ve managed to have wax dipped.

Ok because I’m seeing them for sale dipped in 100% beeswax with reviews saying how great the wax smells. But seems like that would be a bad thing

Hi @Jennyjams ,

Hive smells anyway, waxed, painted or neither. I don’t believe waxed timber is going to make any difference. The problem is using beeswax for dipping as @chau06 said. It will be “sweating” wax in hot weather.

I’d be wary of the 100% beeswax claim. There has to be rosin mixed in to stop the wax being greasy and prone to bleeding on hot days. Just like microcrystalline is mixed with paraffin.

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