We have obtained powdered dried natural honey

Hello. I am glad to welcome your forum. I, Tultabayev Mukhtar, am a university professor engaged in research on honey drying. We have obtained powdered dried natural honey. here is the link to the article: doi.org/10.15587/1729-4061.2023.285447

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Link is safe :smiling_face:

## Abstract

The object of the study is the production of powdered dried honey. The limited use of honey in the food industry is due to its physicochemical properties. Viscosity and stickiness create problems during its dosing, mixing, storage and transportation.

Honey in powder form has a high commercial potential. The great advantages of using dry honey are the reduction of storage space, ease of processing and dosing.

Honey is characterized by organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters affecting the drying process and the quality of the final product.

The resulting powdered dry honey, in compliance with the drying modes recommended by us, has retained all its useful biological properties. The water content, as well as the dry matter content in fresh and dried honey met the criteria for the composition of honey.

Consequently, reducing the water content during the drying process significantly contributes to increasing the stability of honey during storage.

The developed technology provides for reducing the drying temperature to 50 °C, which also has a positive effect on the nutritional value of the final product

It is established that the maximum proportion of frozen moisture in the sublimation process is observed at temperatures from minus 30 °C to minus 40 °C, depending on the types of honey, and an increase in the drying temperature above 40 °C shortens the duration of the drying process, but may affect the quality of the product.

Powdered honey is in demand in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, due to increased dosing accuracy due to the flowability of dried honey. However, it should be borne in mind that dried honey is very hygroscopic due to the presence of sugars and the amorphous state after drying

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