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Western Australia bee fodder in Feb


Summer in WA is pretty hot so am looking what to plant in the Great southern to help my hives.

Or where to take them to get some flowers?


Hi @onrbikes I have planted probably in the vicinity of 5000 trees and 90%would be Eucalyps/Corymbia. And with their flowering time spread over 12 months I had hoped to have food all year round however the past two years have been very poor with regard blossom.
That doesn’t help you much. The big honey flows in the Great Southern is in the Marri, Corymbia calophylla (previously E.calophylla) (Feb-Mar flowering). Northcliffe very good area.
Other trees in your area are the Red tingle Eucalyptus jacksonii and Yellow tingle Eucalyptus guilfoylei) both flower over summer the Yellow tingle is early. Then there is Jarrah which probably brushes the Great Southern and flower Nov-Dec.
If you want to plant trees from other areas there is a good guide in NSW Agriculture Ag note 1034-6848.detailing the suitability for honey and pollen with flowering times.
I have planted quite large numbers of E.saligna, E. botryoides, E.cladoclayx for summer flowering as they are quick growing large trees.